Proxy HelperTM v2

Proxy HelperTM
is a program that makes it greatly comfortable to use our Proxy Service.
The main advantages are:
  • Programs you always work with are much simpler now to use because you do not have to keep changing their settings any more after you have added the next proxy server.
  • new!Clear proxying of other programs which do not support work through proxy (like SocksCap, FreeCap, SocksChain, Permeo) [details]
  • Support of all types of proxy servers: Socks 4/5, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP
  • You have the opportunity to use the Service both traditionally, i.e. by coming to the Service site, and directly from the Program Menu.
  • High Service reliability, meaning that if, for some reason, the site stops working for a while, you can still go on to use the Service, selecting a proxy directly from the Menu of the Program.
  • More usability as opposed to ICQ bots.
  • You can change your IP with one click.
  • Monitoring performance of the proxy server that you choose and an automatic change of the proxy if it stops responding or there is a warning of its down state.
  • You can enable the option to keep log HTTP requests.
  • Additional functions are: Enable/Disable the proxy in Explorer and Delete Cookies.
  • Display network activity and traffic calculation
The big disadvantages are:
  • The program causes a powerful psychological addiction. You can hardly get out of the habit of using it.
  • More details on using the program:
    The program does not require that you install it, so, it can work just as you have run it. When you download it from the site, the application immediately gets adjusted to your account in the Proxy Service.
    Note: If you have a firewall installed, you need to allow the program outgoing connections so that it can work correctly.
    Note: the Proxy Helper may not be used by more than one person; otherwise, the account will be blocked!

    When run, the program requests information needed from the Service Server and displays an icon in the tray. The INT or EXT messages on the icon say which IP address you are using now, an internal or external one, i.e. the IP of the proxy you add. A blinking bulb on the icon shows network activity. If you point with the mouse to the icon, you will see a window pop up involving information on your internal IP, or the IP of the proxy if you have chosen to work through it.

    Options in the Menu:
    Open proxy admin (browser) If you select this option, you will get right to your Account in the Proxy Service, without having to be authorized.
    Check IP (browser) Browser page comes up showing information on your current IP address and browser environment.
    Disable ProxyHelper This option is used to disable the update of the Proxy List in the Program Menu and to stop monitoring which proxy is added from the Service site.
    HTTP requests log Enable/Disable HTTP requests log.
    Get Proxys Menu that includes a list of available proxy servers
    Proxy autochange Allow/Forbid an automatic proxy change if the current proxy stops responding to requests.
    Used proxys list List of used proxies
    Disable proxy (explorer) Disable the proxy in Explorer
    Add Proxy (explorer) Set up Internet Explorer to use the Proxy Helper
    Delete cookies (explorer) Remove cookies
    no proxy added/ IP прокси Using the provided Proxy Server
    Local Host Disable the proxy to operate directly from your IP address.
    About/Help Information on the developer, program settings, your login and password for the Service, and on traffic.
    Exit Quit the program

    So, you run the program, an icon and a window with your IP come up then for a few seconds. Next, you should adjust programs which you want to use the proxy.
    If it is Internet Explorer, all you need is to choose the Explorer Settings -> Add Proxy option in the Program Menu or put in settings manually, as shownbelow. If you want to use some other applications, then choose the About/Help option and look for settings required to be adjusted in your programs so that they can work via the Proxy Helper.
    After all set, please try running the programs. Open a page in the browser to check to see if the settings are correct. If the firewall adjustments are set up to allow the program, then the page is supposed to start properly, and the Proxy Helper icon should blink.
    Now, to replace the IP and to start to work through the proxy, you have a choice to:
    1. Come to the Service site as usually, choose the proxy you need and, selecting it with the mouse, press the Ctrl-Ins combination (you might as well choose the Copy to clipboard if you use Internet Explorer). A sound occurs, then the program icon should change to EXT and for some seconds there must be a window popped up with information on the added proxy.

    2. Another thing can be the most interesting way to use the Service.
    Use the Get Proxys Program Menu
    This Menu lists countries ranged in the alphabetical order.
    Moving on through the Menu, you will see a list of cities corresponding to each country (as well as the list of the states for the USA and Canada) and the Proxy List for each city.
    In brackets there is an amount of available proxies for the countries, states and cities.
    The proxy you have already used is emphasized in bold font.
    To the left of the proxy the Menu involves icons that show what the proxy is, e.g. the phone stands for a connection through the modem; a network card means a non dial-up proxy.
    The Menu also shows a proxy uptime (up) and speed (sp); these parameters are in line with the parameters which you can see on the Service site.
    After choosing the proxy you want, a window will pop up showing the purchase process of this proxy. If the proxy has been verified and proved to be functional, it will get installed into the Proxy Helper, so that you can start working via it. The proxy will also be added in the Used proxys list option of the Menu.
    If you choose a proxy emphasized in bold font, it will be installed without displaying the purchase process.
    Any change of the proxy makes for a few seconds a screen show up with the IP information.

    3. Another way of using Proxy Helper with other programs - clear program proxying, Applications menu. Clear proxying is starting with Proxy Helper of other programs which do not support work via proxy and unnoticeable redirection of all their connections to socks proxy.

    For that you need to choose the option Edit/Run Applications of the menu and then add all the necessary programs through the menu File in the window popping up.
    Then you may start the programs added with double icon click or from the menu Applications.
    Attention! Before you start the necessary program you need to choose proxy for the program to work!
    Proxying function has been tested in Windows XP and Windows XP Sp2 and proved an excellent efficiency with such programs as: WM Keeper, Opera, Internet Explorer, Miranda, &RQ, Reget, Far Manager, The Bat, SecureCRT, WMPlayer, Mail.Ru Agent, Firefox, Odigo, FSBrowser, Qip, Magent, Emule, Trillian.

    This is menu option Used proxys list, you can choose any proxy from this list any time and it will be immediately installed.

    This is what the HTTP requests log window looks like. It shows the request time, amount of bytes sent, amount of accepted bytes and a requested link.

    You have two options to adjust Internet Explorer settings so that you can use the Proxy Helper. If you choose the second option, i.e. Socks, you cannot enable the HTTP request log, but the speed of the browser can be more than when working via the http/http proxy.
    Other programs can be adjusted in a similar way.

    Proxy Helper v2 © 2005-2006 by Mag